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Over 5 years of doing Hosting business the right way!

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We provide a range of hosting solutions to a global client base and have built a reputation of quality and reliability

The company was establish in 2013 as MyhostingBD. After getting popularity and more response from local hosting business, AviraHost was started its journey with own hosting platform in 2015 and has established a good position in the "low cost" web hosting industry. Firstly the company was started its operation with single co-location based servers from USA and Europe.

Now We provide a range of affordable Linux based web hosting solutions, including Domain Names, Web Hosting, Unmanaged VPS and Fully Managed cPanel VPS. We can also tailor custom solutions for specific needs or budgets.

We're a 100% debt-free and privately owned company. This means we give our complete focus and attention to everything we do. This is a personal guarantee from us to you!

Today, Avirahost remains unbeatable in terms of reliability, quality, and performance in the Web hosting industry. By continuing to listen to our customers, we continue to learn, grow and evolve our business into the #1 choice for Web hosting!

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